Colleyville CloseBuy Businesses

It's Our Goal.

To support Colleyville businesses through the CloseBuy discount card program.

Simply sign up to become a participating business.  Create your profile page.  Offer discounts of your choice.  Place a decal in your window.  And we'll do the promotion to drive customers to you as a participating business.  That's it.

Here's how it works:

  1. Become a CloseBuy participating business.  No fees. Ever. (must have a Colleyville address)
  2. Set up your Business Profile. (Find a step-by-step guide here)
  3. Place our decal in your window.  We'll bring it to you after you sign up.
  4. Post your discounts, specials and events.
  5. Change your discounts as often as you like.
  6. Get more business!
Click here to login and get started.

How it works:

Once you join, you'll be given a username and password to create your unique profile page for your business.  You'll begin to receive emails from us regarding events and ideas for maximizing your exposure through the program.

If you have questions, just call us.  We'll be happy to assist you with your profile page, your discounts or your FREE website.  Contact Heather Gaven, Marketing Coordinator at 817.503.1113 or

​Thank you for locating your business in Colleyville!